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2021 graduation ceremony: see the list of graduates from Marcellus high school; meet 2 best students

It’s graduation time.

The 2021 high school students have experienced a lot of things: distance learning; being forced to wear masks; shorten or cancel sports seasons, musicals and concerts; and a lot of uncertainty. They had to distance themselves from their friends and teachers for months.

Even through it all, they did what was necessary to make it to the end of the school year.

To celebrate the 2021 class, we’re posting graduate lists from over 60 schools in central New York City.

We will point out who is the promotion major and the Salvationatorian (or in some cases alternates) and give them the opportunity to share some thoughts on school, the pandemic, family and life. The major of promotion and the salutatorian of this school are below the list of graduates.

The Post-Standard will be releasing a high school graduation souvenir section on Sunday, June 28. If you wish, you can place a congratulatory announcement for a graduate you wish to honor in the section. The section will include lists of 2021 graduates from Onondaga County schools, Q&A with each school’s promotion major and Salvatorian, and more. Companies also have the option of advertising in the diploma section. You can reach us at this email and we will get back to you.


Family ceremonies for graduating Marcellus High School will take place on Wednesday and Thursday June 23 and 24 in the school’s Groeling auditorium, 1 Mustang Hill, Marcellus. Students have registered for a time and there will be individual “mini-beginning” ceremonies to graduate and take the stage in front of a small group of family and friends.

The entire class will meet for the graduation ceremony officially as a group, with two guests per authorized student, at 11 a.m. on Saturday June 26, in front of the school (rainy date June 27). A video of the combined ceremonies, speeches and a slideshow for seniors will be released at 2 p.m. on Sunday, June 27.

Candidates for graduation

Anwar Sam Alharbi

Lindsey Louise Balman

Luke Michael Barney

Brett Souksamone Beal

Lindsey Marie Benthin

Collin Michael Boicourt

Stosh Joseph Boronczyk

Ellisyn Rose Marie Brower

Noah Christophe Brown

Cory Daniel Cangemi

Jaiden Arié Capozzi

Jamie Lynn Carlton

Madeleine Anne Marie Caron

Case Ryan Matthew

Cameron Paul Cerul

Alexandre Nicolas Chekan

Ethan Robert Ciota

Bella shannon clarke

Shawn james colella

Casey Comerford Conklin

Kendra lynn connor

Paige Marie Cook

Courtney marie daniels

Kathleen Deborah DeMarle

Emily rae demperio

Briana Renée Denka

Alexandre paul derrick

Kevin Allen Donath Jr.

Brogan Alannah Donovan

Delaney Scout Duger

Hannah joan durand

Amya Angelina Dykes Bartle

Madison Amanda Eibert

Joseph Thomas Esposito

Nathaniel Patrick Farino

Benjamin Brooks Farrell

Joshua Steven Farrell

Angelina Rachelle Fellows

Anna elizabeth fern

Edward Francis Flynn Jr.

Lyle Zachary Freeman

Matthew John Frost

Deanna elizabeth gannon

Kailynne Rose Gomez

Matthieu Duncan Green

Emily mills grinnell

Mckenzie Lynn Gutchess

Julie-Anne Room

Emma Chailyn Hardy

Benjamin Cole Hayduke

Jack thomas holzwarth

Dylan james hood

Alexis Arianna Hopper

Alyssa Cameron Marie Hopper

Ayden Johnathen Hull

Robert Lewis Hutcheon

Sydney alexis irving

Matthew Douglas Jankowski

Suzanne Louise Kammer

Sage Heather Kearney

Shannon Yoon Ah Kellar

Jack thomas kerrigan

Matthew David Kershaw

Olivia marie kittelberger

Jonas Daniel Kwasnowski

Ryan joseph lundrigan

Delaney Jeanne Manahan

Colleen Ann Marsh

Jackson Tyler McCarthy

Cameron David McCray

Wilvon Amar McKee

Olivia annmarie mitchell

Alex Benny Moroz

Ryan Matthew Moses

Emma Ferrara Murphy

Lauren Xing Yu Myers

The Hunter Ashten Nitsch

Connor james novak

Deanna Maureen Nutting

Patrick Michal O’Brien

Timothy Andrey Okhman

Emmitt Matthew Orr

Brandy Nicole Orzech

Brooke Alexis Ovitt

Taylor nicole peatfield

Austin Joseph Perry

Audrey Elizabeth Plogman

Justin riley before

Joseph Raymond Ramsden

Connor William Reagan

Brooke Alexis Robinson

Jaiden Peter Ryfun

Avery Jean Sadler

Devin James Sager

Ryan thomas sammon

Victoria Grace Sayre

James alexander scherer

Julia Marie Schoeneck

Brady Richard Schram

Samantha Jade Sealey

Keith William George Searle

Sophia cernochova shaw

Taylor rose smith

Nathan Samuel Sonnacchio

Brooke Elizabeth Spaeth

Sophia kim spitzer

Bronte Blue Stahl

Matthew Joseph Stasyuk

David Alexander Stepkovich

Paul William Stewart

Madison Strait Jane

Benjamin arthur swan

James robert swan

Suzannah Elise Swimm

Sean Steven Tierney

William Bernard’s tone

Kurstina Marie Van Helsdingen

Jaden Matthieu Wagner

Jared Raymond Walters

Benjamin James Watling

Quinten david weaver

Colin Lewis Weber

Matthew Charles Welch

George Thomas West

Trevor Owen Widrick

Natalie Brooke Willardson

Joshua Cole Williams

Ryan john worden

Mark Anthony Wrobel

Samantha Frances Wynne

Cameryn Beau Young

Senior Class President 2021 and Senior Class Speaker

Senior Class 2021 President Delaney Manahan (left) and Senior Class 2021 Speaker Ryan Moses

Marcellus High School

Senior Class President

Name: Delaney Manahan

City: Marcellus

Parents: Kerry and Tim Manahan

My plans for the years to come: I plan to go to Le Moyne College.

My career plans: I would like to become an epidemiologist.

The highlight of my last year: The highlight of my last year could easily be any of my three sporting seasons (soccer, indoor track, outdoor track), it was so good to finally be able to play sports again. The family atmosphere of the teams I was on made it one of the best seasons. For football, we had a fundraiser where we would “flock” ?? courting people with flamingos without them seeing each other and it was always so much fun.

The person who inspired me the most: My family members are my inspirations each in a different way, but they inspire me to always be my best. My dad passed away recently this year and he was always cutting pieces of newspaper that had something on me in it. Especially when it came to the track or any sport. So currently in track racing, I put my best into every race to make him proud.

What I do to relax or unwind: I like to volunteer. One of my favorite places to volunteer is Francis House in Syracuse. I’m the chairman of the Youth Auxiliary Council there. I help make food and raise funds for the house and residents. I also play soccer and the racetrack.

The word or phrase that best describes my personality: Considerate

My advice to our promotion: Just give whatever you want. You don’t get to redo. You have high school experience, so go to all the games, dances and concerts.

The best part about social distancing: Absence makes the heart more affectionate. It’s a saying my parents would always tell me and during the pandemic I understood the meaning. Social distancing from friends and family really makes you cherish the times you have together.

The biggest impact of the pandemic on my last year: If the pandemic took anything, now would be the time. As I reach my last weeks of senior year I would give anything for a soccer game, rally, soccer match, concert, or track competition more.

The only thing I hope to accomplish in my life: I would love to continue to help anyone and everyone in any way I can. I just hope to stay involved in the community which has helped me rise.

Marcellus High School

Senior Class Lecturer

Name: Ryan moses

City: Marcellus

Parents: Matt and Megan Moses

My plans for the years to come: Attend the University of Notre-Dame.

My career plans: I hope to start my own business one day.

The highlight of my last year: Since Covid pushed football in the spring, I’ve been able to play a sport that I had always wanted to try but never got to because I played soccer.

The person who inspired me the most: My wrestling trainer, Todd Donovan has been the greatest inspiration in my life due to his dedication and love for the sport and our teams. He will always be an example to me as a person who gives all he can for the things that interest him.

What I do to relax or unwind: I love to ski, go out on Lake Otisco, read, play video games, and hang out with friends.

The word or phrase that best describes my personality: Curious

My advice to our promotion: Dare powerful things.

The best part about social distancing: During the initial lockdown, when no one could do anything, my friends and I would play video games all night, then wake up in the afternoon.

The biggest impact of the pandemic on my last year: For me, the worst part of the pandemic has been the cancellation of sections and states for most sports this year.

The only thing I hope to accomplish in my life: I want to go to space.

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