A new choir will take the stage at the Teatru Salesjan

Times of Malta meets Gillian zammit which will lead the Teatru Salesjan Adult Community Choir for over 40 years starting April 19 and will be held on Monday evening, culminating with a performance at the end of June.

What are your goals for this multinational choir?

I believe there is a strong social aspect to belonging to a choir. The camaraderie of singing in a group that works to create harmonies, where each singer has a responsibility to themselves and, more importantly, to the rest of the group, creates a deep bond.

Music brings people together and singing, in particular, helps release emotions and can help reduce stress levels. Singing can also improve mental alertness, concentration and memory in the elderly.

Creating a choir made up of different nationalities will also give expats the opportunity to meet people and make friendships that they might not otherwise have been able to make.

You are targeting the 40+ age group to be part of this choir. What are your reasons for this?

There are a lot of opportunities for young artists right now and I think there are a lot of older people who maybe have always had a love for the arts and in this case singing in particular, but who have not necessarily had the opportunity to develop or use their skills and express themselves through their voice.

What kind of repertoire do you plan to cover?

The choir will perform a selection of contemporary, gospel and classical choral music from various countries. The entire repertoire will be performed in their native languages ​​and provide singers with the opportunity to enjoy learning a variety of styles.

Do people have to be versed in music, or able to read notations in order to join the choir?

It will certainly help if members have a basic ability to read music, however, this is not a requirement.

What makes this choir different from other local choirs?

This choir is aimed at the community rather than looking for an amateur or professional choir. He is there above all to offer members of the community an opportunity to make music but also to socialize.

What is your personal interest in this project?

I have always enjoyed working with choirs, be they children or adults, and wanted to be involved in some kind of musical community project for a while, so I am very happy to do part of this program.

Can you tell us about your choral experience?

Until now, the choirs I have worked with have been either children’s choirs such as the BOV Joseph Calleja Choir, which I have formed since its creation in 2010, and more recently the Foundation’s children’s choir. of the Saint-Jean co-cathedral. I have trained a number of adult choirs for opera productions and am very involved in Teatru Manoel’s Monteverdi project.

Email [email protected] for more information and / or to book an audition slot. The deadline to apply is April 2.

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