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AP does not disclose professors’ support for Biden but cites their analysis


Already made this mistake

David Crary, a journalist with the Associated Press, recently write an article about an upcoming discussion among bishops across the United States on how to handle politicians who are outward supporters of abortion and show up for Communion.

But Crary did not reveal that two of the college professors he interviewed had ties to President Joe Biden, who obviously prompted the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops to have this conversation, because the second president Catholic Church in the country has made this issue even more visible.

“They’re trying to embarrass President Biden, and the only person taking advantage of that is Donald Trump,” Thomas Groome, a professor of theology at Boston College, told Crary.

Crary did not disclose that Groome donated at least $545 to Biden’s presidential campaign. He donated an additional $1,525 through ActBlue, a donation processing system used by Democrats, according to Federal Election Commission The data.

I left a voicemail for AP editors asking for disclosure and also emailed their corrections team through the news agency’s website on June 14, but I didn’t not received a response.

Groome did not explain how a policy on communion for Catholic politicians who support abortion, an issue that has been part of the national debate for at least four decades, is to help the originally Presbyterian former president who has now declared he was a “non-denominational christian.” Former New York Democratic Governor Mario Cuomo was one of the early Catholic politicians claim consistency between supporting legalized abortion and being Catholic.

Bishops who want stricter limits on communion for politicians who argue for the mortal sin of abortion, including increased funding for it, “will do nothing for the life of faith of their own Catholic people. “, said Groome.

Crary also did not disclose that Steven Millies, another professor he cited who is critical of Biden’s denial of communion, served on the Biden-Harris Catholic Advisory Board in 2020. Crary did not disclose this link in a previous post, That is. He only donated $55 via ActBlue to an undetermined candidate in the last election cycle.

The error must be on him, since Millies divulges clearly in his biography on The conversation, which funds the AP’s religious coverage, including that of Crary.

The Catholic Church teaches that abortion is a mortal sin that must be forgiven by a priest in confession in order to receive communion. But not only is having an abortion a mortal sin, but it is also helping someone else to have an abortion. Moreover, and this is how it applies to Biden, the promotion of a mortal sin can be the sin of scandal.

As a Catholic, the president’s outward support for abortion and increased taxpayer funding for the deliberate murder of an unborn baby, caused a scandal by giving the impression that Catholics in good conscience can support abortion, and by extension, get abortions.

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Editor’s note: The article has been updated to clarify that Trump now identifies as a “non-denominational Christian.”

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