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Church buys Sneaker Store’s entire inventory to donate to charity – after donating $ 3.5 million over the weekend

Transformation Church in Tulsa, Oklahoma is definitely doing its part to give back and give new meaning to the word “end of year Thanksgiving”.

Unique collector reported last weekend, TC senior pastor Michael Todd connected with Silhouette USA, a boutique in Tulsa, to make a special purchase: buy every pair of sneakers available in their store.

Venita Cooper, the owner of Silhouette USA was in shock that she told a local TV station, “I was like, ‘Am I getting punk?'”

Although in a state of not believing what she heard, the call was by no means a farce.

The entire Transformation Church team and Todd went out to buy the store’s 186 pairs of sneakers, spending a total of $ 65,000 in one day and completely emptying the store.

But the purchase was not a shoe-spending spree. Instead, Todd explained how they plan to use the shoes for charity.

“We are now donating shoes to the Tulsa Boys’ Home so that we can take exclusive shoes and give them to people who might never get the chance to own something like this,” Todd explained.

When Cooper heard the reason for Todd’s purchase, it prompted her to find other ways to give back on her own.

“For shippers who trusted us with your inventory your sneakers have sold out, you may have heard of … We buy sneakers, we want to focus on local dealers who are trying to raise money quickly for the holidays. “

Before the $ 65,000 sneaker buyback, Transformation Church spent significantly more on Sunday service last week to be able to donate.

In their official Tweeter, the Tulsa-based church donated a total of $ 3.5 million and urged others to “do the same.”

With their donations, people received money to pay off their homes, cars, and even student loans. Donations are also made to victims of drug addiction and sex trafficking.

Todd, who is also a New York Times bestselling author of “Relationship Goals” shared on Instagram with over a million of his followers, how “Sunday was the greatest day” in their church history as they become “the hands and feet of Jesus”.

This act of thanksgiving and ending the year on a positive note was not a first for Transformation Church.

Last year, the Church of Tulsa made the new after helping its members with their financial needs surprising them with money, cars and even houses.

The movement is almost similar to this year with Todd’s sermon on “Crazy Faith”.

Unlike last year when the church was able to donate $ 1.2 million, the church has been blessed much more despite the pandemic and was able to give triple what it was able to donate. last year.

Tammy Quarters, COO of Transformation Church, explained why they do what they do when it comes to giving.

“It’s about inspiring belief. Our mission is to represent God to people. We want to see their lives change, but often times people have tangible needs that need to be met, and it’s like you can. tell me about your great God when you help me with this hunger problem or help me with this housing problem. “

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