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Diaper drive canceled after hundreds of diapers and baby wipes stolen from West Side church

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CHICAGO Hundreds of diapers, bottles and baby wipes were stolen from a diaper drive at Christ Tabernacle Baptist Missionary Church on the West Side of Chicago on Friday, ahead of an event that could have helped hundreds of families.

“Let’s drop the silliness and stop being so selfish, and let’s all come together and work together as one. We can build our community instead of tearing it down, ”Pastor Michael Wright said of the incident.

Surveillance video shows several people entering the church and stealing supplies for the event on Friday, leaving many in the community heartbroken.

“They were trying to get baby wipes and diapers for their children. I don’t know how anyone could have the heart to take this, ”Wright said.

The church continues to accept donations of diapers, baby wipes, and other mothers’ essentials at 854 North Central Avenue, Chicago, IL 60651.

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