DOOM Sound Designer Creates Heavy Metal Choir For New Video Game

LOSS sound designer Mick Gordon is looking for a heavy metal choir. Although Gordon doesn’t say it directly, the howler choir is most likely being put together for the next one. Eternal DOOM video game, and anyone can submit a demo to join the paid concert.

Gordon is one of the architects behind the incredible soundtrack for DOOM’s 2016 reboot. The game’s unbridled brutality is wonderfully accentuated by its score, which has won several awards for its composition. Gordon says the Eternal DOOM The soundtrack will be similar to that of the 2016 game, telling VGR, “We’ve spent so much time defining the sound of DOOM, we’re not going to give it up now.”

As for his heavy metal choir, Gordon started looking for talent through YouTube. “I really want to record a choir,” says Gordon. “But for this project, I don’t want to record an ordinary choir; I want to record a choir made up entirely of heavy metal howlers. To the best of my knowledge, I don’t think this has ever been done before. an open invitation to anyone who wishes to apply to join our heavy metal choir. As long as you have a deadly metal scream, I want you. “

A screaming choir? It looks mean! The closest living examples we can think of are Cattle Decapitation’s “Lifestalker” or the Stallagh Bands, but Gordon’s final product will likely be 50 layers deep and extremely refined.

If you are considering joining the choir, you must be able to travel to Austin, TX in the first week of March, be 18 or older, and get your demo by February 1. concert, so the town criers will leave the session with a piece of change. You can apply here.

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