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Gardiner High School Teacher named teacher of the year

A teacher from Gardiner High School was named Kennebec County Teacher of the Year.

According to a report from, Raye Anne DeSoto was nominated by the parents of MSAD # 11.

DeSoto has been teaching for 20 years and currently teaches several advanced internship courses. She is also the coordinator of the Kindergarten to Grade 12 REACH program. She is also the director of the drama program at Gardiner Regional Middle School and even runs a school pantry.

Many of her students call her “Mum D”, a name she proudly wears because she loves to cook for her students and brings delicious items to class.

DeSoto has taken on many of the challenges of being a teacher, but has developed a deep love for the profession.

Congratulations, Raye Anne DeSoto, 2021 Kennebec County Teacher of the Year.

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