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Grace Baptist Church accepts donations for patients who cannot afford medical supplies | KSNF / KODE

JOPLIN, MO – A church in Joplin has gone out of its way to help its members, as well as members of the community.

All this thanks to the efforts of one of his parishioners.

What is the point of sending a patient home with durable medical equipment that they cannot afford or rent, especially if they only need it for a few weeks?

This is the situation Nicole Watson, a nurse, kept encountering in the course of her work.

But behind the closet of GBC Medical Loan, a medical ministry at Grace Baptist Church in Joplin.

“Out of frustration I asked a coworker what they were doing to help these patients, and she told me I should call my ‘medical loan closet’ and I had never heard of it and she was in Wichita so told me the Wichita medical loan closet kept things for people they wanted to be able to access it so I reached out to them just to get a feel and what they are doing and I loved the idea and thought someone should do it. ”Says Nicole Watson, RN, director, GBC Medical Loan Closet.

With the blessing of her church pastor, she opened a loan practice here in Joplin.

And you don’t have to be a member of a church to receive and / or donate ministry equipment.

This ministry started in the fall, but if it continues to grow it will eventually need to move to a larger location.

Since that time, Watson says people in the community have started donating items they no longer need.

Even people from other churches have been involved since, like Terri Heeter, whose house of worship financially supports the program, and she is doing all she can to keep it going.

“I need you to send flyers, I need you to pick up stuff, whatever, answer the phone, or you know, call these people back, whatever needs to be done I’m here to do it.” said Heeter.

Once an item is given to the closet, Watson says it often ships out within days.

“A member of our church told me on Wednesday that she had had an elevator in her room for five years that she really never used, which is basically brand new, and I was like yes we could probably use it, then on Friday I got a call from someone who needed a patient to get home with an elevator, and it was so neat that God continues to connect those needs together, ”Watson said.

For more information on the church’s medical loan office, click here.

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