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Graduates of the class of 2021 of Medway High School

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MEDWAY – Superintendent Armand Pires and Principal John Murray are pleased to announce the graduation of 156 students from Medway High School.

A graduation ceremony took place on Sunday June 6.

The ceremony included a welcome and president’s speech by Elissa Ghassan Alarmani, greetings from school committee president Susan Dietrich, a farewell speech by Lillian Woodard and a greeting speech by Nicholas Tomasetti, a presentation of a brief by Grace Brueckner and remarks from Superintendent Pires and Director Murray. .

Alarmani began the ceremony by welcoming graduates, faculty, staff and guests. She led the pledge of allegiance and introduced senior members of the choir program to sing the national anthem. She also introduced the district and high school administrators, the school resources manager and members of the Medway school and select council, and paid tribute to the faculty and staff of Medway public schools.

“For many of us, McGovern School, Burke-Memorial School, Medway Middle School and Medway High School have been our home away from home. It was the teachers and staff who made it feel this way, ”Alarmani said. “Some have known us a long time before we even knew what a cap and dress was for graduation. Others marked our tests, corrected our essays, picked us up when we fell, and gave us a not-so-gentle shoulder, nudge, or nudge when we needed it. We wouldn’t be here today without you.

President Dietrich congratulated the graduates on behalf of the school committee.

“Looking at all the faces of the graduates, I see the tremendous talents each of them have, and I believe in the good they will do for our world. I see artists, musicians, athletes and volunteers. I see entrepreneurs, scientists, engineers and academics. I see artisans, leaders, teachers and creators. I see spirits working to solve problems, seek answers to the complex problems of our world and strive to be successful in the face of adversity, ”said Dietrich. “And so I ask you today, graduates, who will you choose to be and how will you choose to apply your gifts? There is no such thing as a neutral life. We are all the sum of the choices we make – what we read, what we listen to, the media we consume, the people we spend our time with. Every choice we make is reflected in the world in the people we become. “

Tomasetti spoke about the many traits of the senior class that will help them be successful, including their talent and passion, their ability to work hard to be successful, and their adaptability.

“Today we celebrate graduation, the end of our childhood education, but more importantly, the start of the next chapter in our lives. Some of us will go to university, others will enlist in the armed forces and some will join a trade, ”said Tomasetti. “Although our past, I believe, is indicative of a bright future, we must not stop our efforts now. As we move on to the next stage in our lives, I implore my peers to continue to exemplify the traits that we have collectively demonstrated and that I have highlighted today. The past four years have prepared us well for the future, but our fate is now in our hands.

Brueckner also spoke about how she developed the ability to adapt over the past year and how she became a more grateful person.

“It’s important to recognize what we’ve lost over the past year. But it is also useful to remember what we have won. I gained more appreciation for simple things like hearing classmates joke before class after too many quiet Zoom meetings, greeting people with a wave or a smile in the hallways, and even doing warm-ups. vocals in choir class, ”she said. “Our class is made up of 156 individuals, each with a unique background. Although we will all be embarking on different endeavors in the years to come, practicing gratitude is a habit that everyone can find useful.

Woodard also spoke about success and how everyone’s version of being successful is different.

“There is no single definition of success; success is something we have to find on our own to reach our unlimited potential, ”she said. “As we move forward, I hope we can afford to experience the confusion, the joy, the sadness, the accomplishment and everything in between. I know you will all continue to inspire the communities around you just as you have inspired me. Never be afraid to pursue your goals and discover the full range of what life has to offer.

Superintendent Pires recounted an email from parents he received last summer thanking the teachers and district staff for their work in planning for the school year. He discussed the benefit of gratitude and the positive impact it has on the receiver and the sender.

“This first show of gratitude changed my perspective on the importance of making sure we share our gratitude at every opportunity,” said Superintendent Pires. “Many have noted that for them the circumstances created by the pandemic have helped them appreciate the little things better, for many of those things that would often be taken for granted. Most of us have been able to spend more time with our families. Most of us were able to enjoy the food we had access to, cook creative meals, participate in game marathons and movie nights with our families. Activities like reading, walking and enjoying the sunset have taken on a different significance this year.

In a spirit of gratitude, Superintendent Pires then thanked those who made the year a success, including: School Committee members Dietrich, Cindy Sullivan, Lauren Nassiff and Tim Fagerson, and former member Jeff Segarra; Medway City Manager Mike Boynton; members of the Select Board and other city councils and departments; the district leadership team; Medway educators; and 2021 graduates.

“Our students have all the skills and attributes that we believe prepare them for whatever comes next in their lives,” Principal Murray said at the end of the ceremony. “They persevered; they have shown composure in the face of adversity. As the world opens up and new opportunities arise, our students will be ready to seize the opportunity and thrive. “

Following the speeches, diplomas were presented by Superintendent Pires, Director Murray and Deputy Director David List.

The full ceremony can be viewed here. Additional photos of Tim Rice Photo can be found here.


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