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Homestretch requests donation items for customers

Homestretch, a non-profit organization that helps families achieve self-sufficiency and permanent housing, has posted a wishlist of items it is requesting in the form of community donations to support its clients during the Covid-pandemic. 19.

Homestretch needs the following items for their families: toilet paper; Laundry; hand sanitizer; deodorant for women; shampoo for women; body soap; kitchen and bathroom bins; new vacuum cleaners as well as gift cards to Aldi, Giant, Safeway and Target.

Items can be dropped off at the Homestretch offices (303 S Maple Ave, Falls Church). Contact [email protected] to organize a deposit.

Additionally, interested donors are encouraged to check out Homestretch’s Amazon Wish List to purchase the items they need for our families and Kidstretch. Additionally, if anyone is considering buying a new car, Homestretch asks them to consider donating their old car to the association.

Donating a car to Homestretch will help provide an adult Homestretch with the opportunity to get to work and put them on the road to self-sufficiency. If a donated car is donated to one of the families of the nonprofit organization, the donor may be able to write off the entire blue book value of the car.

If Homestretch sells a car at auction because of high mileage or poor condition, the donor may be able to void the auction’s value of the car. (Be sure to check with your tax advisor).

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