How can I check and improve my credit rating in Austria?

credit score

Creditworthiness is the most important point when calculating interest on lending. But how can you influence this and which criteria apply to a credit check? You will find an answer to both questions here. In the course of this, in the second section we offer you 5 tips that you can use to improve your credit rating.

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Credit check criteria

Credit check criteria

  • Amount of income
  • Employment relationship (borrower, civil servant, contract agent, executive, etc.)
  • employer
  • residence
  • Entries in credit rating companies such as KSV 1870
  • Budget book (private input-expenditure account)
  • capital
  • marital status
  • existing loans and guarantees


5 tips to optimize your credit rating

credit rating

  • Check creditworthiness data & have incorrect entries corrected
  • Request a condition request when borrowing
  • Have negative characteristics deleted, then submit a loan application
  • Cancel unnecessary checking accounts and credit cards
  • Pay bills and credit installments on time


Check creditworthiness data and have incorrect entries corrected

Your creditworthiness is based on your previous payment activities and also negative features such as collection payments or bankruptcy proceedings, if these exist. However, much of the credit information in Austria and Germany is outdated or incorrect. Therefore: Check your credit information regularly!

If there are incorrect, negative entries, have them deleted immediately by the KSV. In this way, you avoid an unfairly high interest rate when lending or even a rejection.


Request a condition request when borrowing

When applying for a loan, the banks check your creditworthiness in advance. For this purpose, you should address institutions such as KSV in particular.

Request from your bank that instead of a credit request, only a condition request will be made if possible.

Reason: The creditworthiness is not affected by a condition request. A credit request, on the other hand, can give the impression that you have applied for a number of loans but have not received any.


Have negative characteristics deleted, then submit a loan application

If there is a negative entry regarding your credit rating, you can wait until the “deletion period” of the entry has passed. The KSV must then delete the entry or entries. Important: These deadlines generally only start after the outstanding amounts have already been paid. Open dunning procedures should therefore be avoided.


Cancel unnecessary checking accounts and credit cards

Probably the easiest thing to do: Multiple accounts and credit cards are often seen as a sign of unreliability. We therefore recommend that you cancel unnecessary accounts and credit cards.


Pay bills and credit installments on time

Unpaid invoices quickly end up at the collection agency, letters are lost, viewed for advertising and quickly disposed of, and a KSV entry is already available. But that need not be! Keep track of your bills and credit cards. Pay open invoices on time and ensure that your account is permanently covered so that debits do not fail.

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