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How to follow virtual dialogues on the ocean

The World Economic Forum and Friends of Ocean Action organize a global online conference for ocean action, the Virtual dialogues on the ocean, June 1-5, 2020. The Virtual Ocean Dialogues will connect communities around the world who seek innovation and take bold action for a healthy, resilient and prosperous ocean.

The event will bring together leaders and online communities from across the global ocean space. Designed in collaboration with a range of other partners, the Virtual Ocean Dialogues will maintain momentum in the face of COVID-19 to continue working for ambitious and urgent global action for a healthy ocean.

“In these difficult times, Virtual Ocean Dialogues are created to maintain positive momentum in global efforts to better protect and manage ocean resources. Now more than ever, humanity needs a healthy and prosperous ocean to protect our communities and strengthen their resilience in the face of future crises. “

—Ambassador Peter Thomson, United Nations Secretary-General’s Special Envoy for the Ocean and Co-Chair of Friends of Ocean Action.

Here’s our guide to following #OceanDialogues on our digital channels.

You can watch all 12 sessions here. The event is available on our Spanish, French, Chinese and Japanese websites as well.

Join the conversation

The official meeting hashtag is #OceanDialogues. Follow the tweets on this hashtag to keep up with everything that happens during the meeting. Updates and live streams will be shared on @wef, @davos and @FriendsofOcean.

You can also join our 7 million followers on Follow from our Spanish and French Facebook pages.

Follow the meeting on our LinkedIn page at

Follow us on Instagram at where we will promote key images and stories from the event.

The sessions will be broadcast live and available to be replayed in full on our YouTube channel:

Follow our social account on TikTok:

During the meeting, we will be posting articles by attendees, CEOs and industry leaders to members of our communities – Young world leaders, Social entrepreneurs and Global shapers – on our content platform, Agenda.

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You can follow all our stories here.

How to embed videos from the World Economic Forum webcast sessions into your website

More information to come.

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