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Mike Tyson’s abandoned £ 890,000 mansion in Ohio turned into a church

Mike Tyson amassed wealth and luxury during his boxing days. However, Tyson fell out of favor after being convicted of rape and had to sell most of his luxuries, including a magnificent mansion that is in ruins amid its controversy and financial woes. Mike Tyson’s abandoned mansion, estimated to be worth around £ 890,000, has now been converted into a church.

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Mike Tyson’s Abandoned Mansion: Mike Tyson’s Ohio Home Now Serves As Church

Mike Tyson once owned a spectacular mansion in Ohio, but had to give up and eventually sell the property due to his financial problems. Mike Tyson’s abandoned mansion was finally sold for £ 870,000 in 1999. Mike Tyson’s house has now been turned into the home of the Living Word Sanctuary church. Living Word pastor Nicholas DeJacimo said Mike Tyson’s abandoned mansion had not been touched for 10 years and there was enough grass to sell for hay, in an interview with the Warren Tribune-Chronique.

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Mike Tyson House: How the abandoned Ohio mansion became a church

Living Word Church has made multiple changes to the sprawling mansion that once served as Mike Tyson’s not-so-humble home. The battered pool has been converted into a sanctuary while the living room has been transformed to serve as a gathering place. The old fireplace has been replaced by a water fountain, while the garages are now used as nurseries and classrooms. The Mike Tyson Tiger cages, where he kept his four tigers, were demolished to make way for a pavilion. The church bears the footsteps of Mike Tyson, with his basketball court still intact. In its heyday, the Mike Tyson home had five bedrooms, a full-size pool and hot tub beside its tiger cages and basketball court, with the entire residence adorned with crystal chandeliers.

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Mike Tyson’s Net Worth

In 2020, Mike Tyson’s net worth stands at $ 3 million according to Celebrity Net Worth. During his playing days, the American boxer earned $ 430 million in endorsements, roughly $ 700 million after being changed for inflation. Tyson, however, suffered serious financial problems after being convicted and filing for bankruptcy in 2003. Tyson was in debt of $ 23 million at that time.

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