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Rutgers’ Camp Chop 23 recap that brought the next wave of school football rookies to campus

Rutgers hosted a few hundred campers on Saturday for Chop 23, a football camp for rookies entering their freshman year of high school. There was talent in abundance, especially along the defensive line. The recruits were measured, tested, drilled, and faced off one-on-one. Here are a few rookies who stood out throughout the four-hour event, many of whom already have offers from Greg Schiano and staff.

Chase Bisontis (6-5, 290) OL, Don Bosco (Ramsey, New Jersey): Bisontis displayed elite quick footing and athleticism throughout the exercise portion of the day. He started off slowly one-on-one but began to dominate his advantage once coached by Schiano and Rutgers offensive line coach Andrew Aurich between repetitions, which kept him looking ahead and to slide his feet more efficiently. His heavy hands and disarming strike hit his defensive counterparts that day. Bisontis is New Jersey’s second junior in’s new Top 50 and has a nationwide list of offers, starting with Rutgers in the state.

Chase Bisontis at Chop 23. (Todderick Hunt)

Eric King (6-3, 312) OL / DL, preparation of Saint-Pierre (Jersey City, New Jersey): King is powerful, patient, and has good anticipation, good footwork, and good balance. He plays with patient hands and never looks in a rush. King effortlessly glides his feet to cut corners, then anchors himself with power and strong hands. He’s put more kids in the ground than any other lineman in the camp, showing off brute strength, although he’s recently started weight training. King took the majority of his representatives inside the guard, where he dominated.

Eric King and Chase Bisontis at Chop 23.

Eric King and Chase Bisontis at Chop 23. (Todderick Hunt)

Jabriel Masse (5-9, 165) RB, Continental Region (Linwood, New Jersey): Rutgers offered Mace last August and he showed why on Saturday. He was one of the most athletic and talented full-backs in the camp, showcasing his build, speed, vision and playing on the pitch. West Virginia and Syracuse also donated.

Markus Dixon (6-4, 230) TE, Archbishop Wood (Warminster, Pennsylvania): Dixon has an athletic build and good potential, following in the footsteps of Atlanta Falcons tight end Kyle Pitts, who also played at his school. He also displayed willpower, strength and enough technique to block. Dixon shouts Power Five, showed good hands and abilities after the catch. West Virginia, Texas A&M, Syracuse, Maryland, Boston College and Cincinnati have offered so far.

Markus Dixon at Chop 23.

Markus Dixon at Chop 23. (Todderick Hunt)

Matt Gemma (6-3, 280) DT, Delbarton (Morristown, New Jersey): Already a two-year-old college newbie, Gemma has a solid frame accompanied by broad shoulders and a low body fat composition at 6-3,280 pounds. He’s a nervous, high-motor inside defensive lineman with solid technique and hands, finishing each rep with intensity.

Matt Gemma.

Delbarton ’23 DL Matt Gemma at Chop 23. (Todderick Hunt)

Kyree Butler (6-0, 325) DT, Upper Dublin (Fort Washington, Pennsylvania): Butler is built in the mold of former St. Augustine defensive tackle Isaiah Raikes – now at Texas A&M – and brings similar athleticism. He’s a big dancing bear, which at 6 feet, 325 pounds can bend and is a load inside. Not only is he a wrecking ball, he’s flexible, plays with leverage and technique, and can descend blocks with active hands and tilted shoulders.

DL Kyree Butler at Chop 23.

DL Kyree Butler at Chop 23. (Todderick Hunt)

James Heard Jr. (6-2, 210) Edge, Saint-Joseph (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania): Heard has an elite cadre, supported by a tough and explosive bottom half. He is fast, athletic and has developed his hands and technique during the offseason. He didn’t do a lot of reps but when he did, he usually set up his counterparts and beat them with speed and precision.

DJ Samuels (6-0, 240) Edge, Catholic Bergen (Oradell, New Jersey): Samuels continued his streak of strong performances at camp at Rutgers. He worked both outdoors and indoors, winning most of his reps with a quick descent, an ability to turn speed into power, and a huge assortment of rushing moves.

DJ Samuels at Chop 23.

DJ Samuels at Chop 23. (Todderick Hunt)

DJ Samuels at Chop 23.

DJ Samuels at Chop 23. (Todderick Hunt)

Luc Henrich (6-1, 215) QB, Saint-Joseph (Montvale, New Jersey): The Luke Henrich era began in Montvale. The rising junior threw the ball with good touch, speed and precision throughout the day and threw the most touchdown passes of any competitor throughout the day, predicting a solid year in the air for the Knights, already a behemoth of the Far North.

Luke Henrich at Chop 23.

Luke Henrich at Chop 23. (Todderick Hunt)

Christian garrett (6-4, 190) DB, Académie Sainte-France: Garrett is a tall athletic defensive back with good feet and good movement skills for such a tall player. He is projecting himself safe or could become a linebacker or an outside edge where his athleticism would be off the charts. But, for now, he’s using his length and recovering ability to harass receivers on the pitch.

Christian Garrett at Chop 23.

Christian Garrett at Chop 23. (Todderick Hunt)

JaSire Peterson (6-3, 275) (Rutgers commits) OL, Union City (NJ): Peterson has an athletic frame, upside down and had mixed results on Saturday. He was one of the most athletic linemen on drills and was hot and cold on one-on-one guard. He showed heart and improved throughout what appeared to be dozens of reps, as defensive line coach Jim Panagos kept the campers competing, separating the men from the boys. Peterson continued to jump and improved throughout the day, showing the courage it will take to become a factor in the Big Ten. Peterson plans better to center or keep.

JaSire Peterson and Andrew Aurich at Chop 23.

JaSire Peterson and Andrew Aurich at Chop 23. (Todderick Hunt)

Josias Griffin (6-4, 230) DL, central (Springfield, Mass.): Griffin has the tools to become an elite rookie – good length, lightning first step, big turn, and he rushes the passer with a plan. He regularly ate lunch for opposing linemen at camp. Regardless of whether he was on the inside or the outside, Griffin displayed peak passing ability and is expected to enter college as a more complete player than most linemen in the region.

Josiah Griffin at Chop 23.

Josiah Griffin at Chop 23. (Todderick Hunt)

Chop 23.

Josiah Griffin and Greg Schiano at Chop 23. (Todderick Hunt)

Dashawn womack (6-4, 230) DL, Académie Sainte-Frances (Baltimore, Maryland): Like Griffin, Womack has a similar build and is a great talent. He’s long, explosive, comes out of the ball, can bend, finish and has good hands. He also has an array of rushing moves and one-on-one winning ways, from inside and out, although he’s just entered his freshman year. Womack was one of the more polished campers along the defensive line and is expected to come up with double-digit offers once his frame fills up. Boston College has offered so far.

Dashawn Womack at Chop 23.

Dashawn Womack at Chop 23. (Todderick Hunt)

Donovan McKoy (6-4, 190) WR, Saint-Joseph (Montvale, NJ): McCoy is massive and has an elite cadre. He will likely become a tight end, as he’s long and has a thick bottom half to accompany his ball skills and ability to follow the ball through the air. He uses his large frame to win 50 to 50 balls on the field and boxes linebackers and smaller DBs to catch balls in traffic. He also plays basketball, where he stands out who can play around the rim, defend and score three points.

Chop 23.

SJR ’23 ATH Donovan McKoy at Chop 23. (Todderick Hunt)

Chop 23.

Chop 23. (Todderick Hunt)

Cadin Olsen (6-5, 205) QB, Armstrong (Kittanning, Pennsylvania): Olsen has been in contact with various schools, all of which seem to be on the verge of offering. Although he left Rutgers without one, Olsen was one of the most successful quarterbacks in the camp, showcasing his strong arm and ability to deal with things quickly. He’s got a big build, good mechanics, is productive, and has a good attitude, which should get him paying dirt soon.

Chop 23.

QB Cadin Olsen and Rutgers offensive coordinator Sean Gleeson at Chop 23. (Todderick Hunt)

Other notable campers

Tyrese Whitaker, DL, Archbishop Wood (Warminster, Pa); Chris Moreno, OL, Don Bosco; Henri tabansi, OL, Moore Catholic (Staten Island, NY)

Offers at Chop 24

Rutgers went on to welcome the region’s top sophomores on Sunday, some of whom have won offers following strong performances at the Rutgers intramural pitches.

Jaylen mcclain (6-1, 175) 2024 DB, preparation of Seton Hall (West Orange, NJ): McClain is a fluid, physical and athletic locking DB, well beyond his years, which has led Greg Schiano to join his tender choir, which also includes Ole Miss, Syracuse, Temple and UMass. And he’s just as scary, if not more, with the ball in his hands. McClain’s dad played the defensive back for the Orange.

Lotzeir stream (5-9, 170) 2025 DB, Undecided: Rutgers became the first school to offer the 5-9, 170-pound DB on Sunday after playing in front of coach Fran Brown, showcasing his instinct, speed, conscience and other gifts. The West Virginia Mountaineers followed Rutgers an hour later, becoming his second offering, and Brooks didn’t take his first high school class.

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