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Sacha Baron Cohen donates $ 100,000 to church after member is shown in ‘Borat’ – The Hollywood Reporter


Actor Sacha Baron Cohen, who plays in Borat Post Moviefilm, donated $ 100,000 to church from a woman who believed she was on a documentary but was instead in the mock comedy movie.

Jeanise Jones, 62, believed she had been recruited by her place of worship, Ebenezer Baptist Missionary Church, in Oklahoma City, to mentor a teenage girl named “Tutar” who came to the United States with her father from a country in development. But Jones didn’t find out until the film’s release on Amazon Prime last week that “Tutar” was an actress and that the man – whom she believed to be the girl’s father – was actually Cohen.

Reverend Derrick Scobey, the church’s senior pastor, said Cohen made the donation on Wednesday. Scobey added that he and other church members were also unaware of the film.

Scobey said he wasn’t surprised at the donation, just the amount, noting the money was set aside for community use, The Oklahoman reported. Scobey added that Cohen knew the church is a community center where people come together for spiritual hope and help.

A representative for Cohen declined to comment when contacted by The Associated Press.

The film follows Borat Sagdiyev, played by Cohen, as he returns to America from Kazakhstan, with his daughter played by Maria Bakalova, to offer a “bribe” to American leaders. It is a continuation of Borat, which was released in 2006.

After the film’s debut, many on Twitter described the character of Jones as the hero, moral compass, and star of the film. But she is just relieved that “Tutar” never had any trouble.

Jones has yet to see the movie, but she said one of the film’s producers called her to see her after it was released. Cohen contacted her on Wednesday, said Jones, who noted the call was “informative.”

Scobey opened a GoFundMe account for Jones, saying she believed the scenario was real and that she had lost her job as an advisory service receptionist due to the coronavirus pandemic. Jones said Thursday she was surprised to learn that $ 128,000 had already been donated. “It’s amazing. I would never expect anything like this,” she added. “It’s mind-blowing.”

The film also features a scene with Rudy Giuliani, one of President Donald Trump’s lawyers, in a compromising position in a hotel room with a young woman acting as a reporter. Trump had previously told reporters aboard Air Force One that he did not know what had happened with Giuliani.


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