SampleTron 2 from IK Multimedia Offers User Libraries, Effects and Authentic Tape Modeling

IK Multimedia has deployed SampleTron 2, a collection of vintage tape sampling instruments, such as the Mellotron and the Chamberlin, which also gives users the ability to load custom libraries.

SampleTron 2 is powered by IK’s own tape modeling DSP, which allows users to process over 400 included source tracks – from backing vocals to strings to guitars – and even their own custom libraries.

In Edit mode, users can delve into the parameters of each preset, which include controls for volume, pan, fine tune, transpose, and high and low range. There are also “synth” type controls such as a filter and amplitude envelope with velocity control.

The Mattel Optigan, Vako Orchestron and 360 Systems digital keyboards are just three of the sample-based instruments that have been digitally reproduced in SampleTron 2. In addition to these, users will be able to access the full content of the original SampleTron plug-in. . .

The effects panel includes a virtual rack of processors: an equalizer and a channel strip compressor; tape echo; multi-mod with chorus, ensemble, flanger, phaser, uni-vibe and rotary speaker, plus vintage plate reverb based on the same algorithm used in AmpliTube 5 guitar amp simulation software.

See SampleTron 2 in action below:

SampleTron 2 is available in plug-in and stand-alone formats, and can also be used as a library in IK’s SampleTank 4.

You can get SampleTron 2 now for an introductory price of $ / € 200 (usually $ / € 250).

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