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Schwartz & Co. Capital Group innovates as a direct private lender with the launch of the SNCO capital fund

BROOKLYN, NY, May 23, 2019 / PRNewswire / – Hailed as a rapidly growing brokerage firm for real estate investors looking for hard money loans, Schwartz & Co. Capital Group is poised to revolutionize the direct lending industry. Last week, they announced the opening of an innovative private direct loan fund.

“We know the challenges facing real estate investors today,” says CEO Pinchas Schwartz. “There are issues on all sides, for the real estate brokers and real estate investors – we wanted to create a more efficient way to finance projects.”

Schwartz firmly believes that a hassle-free loan product will fill a void in the real estate finance industry. His new venture, SNCO Capital Fund, aims to ease the burden by championing the mid-sized real estate investor.

“My experience in brokering hard money loans and my relationships with the banking industry have helped us reach this point,” says Schwartz. “We saw a need and decided, we have this. After months of planning, we have restructured our brokerage model and are opening the SNCO Capital Fund. This unprecedented decision will be a game-changer for investors through new York and New Jersey. “

Real estate investors who focus on 1 to 4 families, multi-family rentals, or repair and turnaround projects often look to hard money loans for financing. Hard money offers high leverage, speed and creativity, and is necessary for value-added investments. But direct lenders and hard money brokerages face their own problems. They require countless meetings and endless piles of documents, and investors waste precious time seeking approvals. Many of these entities cannot always close the deal on time.

This is precisely where SNCO Capital Fund comes in. By merging the brokerage mindset that will do it with fiscally stable funding, SNCO Capital Fund acts as a kind of hybrid. It acts as a brokerage firm by approving value-added and rehab-based loans that most banks would refuse, and directly funds the transaction, as a bank would.

“SNCO Capital Fund takes a common sense approach to underwriting,” adds Schwartz. “We took our experience as a hard money brokerage firm and channeled it into an all-in-one direct lending resource. All of our approvals are done in-house, without the intervention of any intermediary, and we will deal with any issues that arise during a transaction. We make the decisions ourselves. Our team understands the challenges of urgent loans and in many cases will close a loan in less than 48 hours. Think of us as a Bank-minded broker with access to capital, for the approval of all types of loans. “

With a passionate and dynamic team of financing specialists, SNCO Capital Fund welcomes complex loan-to-value financing projects. The SNCO Capital team has overseen a total of over $ 350 million in loan origination and is still working hard to secure its next deal. The advantage of dealing with a private direct lender instead of a loan brokerage house is threefold: eliminating the middleman means no additional fees; ease of communication means less hassle; and faster turnaround times mean on-time closings.

The success of every real estate business remains dependent on juggling several smooth moving parts. Bottlenecks and obstacles inevitably dot the landscape and threaten to tip projects. It takes an enterprising company like SNCO Capital Fund to get creative, tap into a vast network of strategic resources and create original financing solutions to get the business to the finish line.

“As we have already demonstrated, SNCO Capital Fund is unique because it is the only direct lender that also has the brokerage spirit,” says Pinchas Schwartz. “There are so many different financing options. Your job as a real estate investor is to choose the option that will help you be the most successful. And SNCO Capital Fund should be at the top of this list.”


SOURCE Schwartz & Co.

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