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Three schools are the favorites to sign Arch Manning

Arch Manning, the No. 1 ranked quarterback rookie in the 2023 class, is the hottest name in high school football right now.

Last weekend, Arch, the nephew of NFL champions Peyton and Eli Manning, visited two different schools in Texas: SMU and Texas. This of course comes after his visit to Clemson two weeks ago.

So, based on Arch’s schedule over the past month, what can we glean about his college future?

According to Adam Gorney of – not bad.

“If I had to take a picture right away and say where Arch Manning is, I would pick Clemson first, Alabama second, then Texas third,” he wrote.

“But that could definitely change over the next two scouting rounds and there’s no question the Longhorns rolled out the red carpet for Manning last weekend and his trip and training went well. The Mannings obviously know what they’re doing, though, and the Longhorns will need to show they can become a national powerhouse again before they see the 2023 five-star play for them.

Arch is obviously a unique talent, despite his superb genetics. Last season, he recorded 1,922 yards, 21 touchdowns and 7 interceptions on 146 passes for 219 while leading his school to a 9-1 record and Louisiana Division III in the semifinals in sophomore.

A year earlier, in 2019, he had 2,438 yards, 34 touchdowns and 6 interceptions on 194 passes for 296, while leading his school to a 9-2 record and a second-round playoff appearance in Support. of Louisiana Division III.

While Eli is obviously busy with his new New York Giants concert special and Peyton is constantly in the news for one thing or another, the two would be wise to call a time out and take a close look. the speed at which their nephew is developing. The youngster is anything but a lock to reach the pros, and it will be a lot of fun watching his trip there.

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