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The Vancouver Island Symphony’s Noteworthy Kids Choir program will be a little different this year in the face of COVID-19.

Registration is now open for the next fall and winter sessions of Noteworthy Kids, which will take place from September 25 to December 13 and January 8 to April 19, 2021, respectively. The program is open to children aged seven to 12. years and, in accordance with coronavirus safety protocols, will take place on the Zoom online video conferencing platform.

Young people will practice vocal exercises, learn songs from multiple genres and languages, meet VIS members, and local attendees will be able to sing along with VIS’s Back Row Brass Quintet at their social-distancing outdoor Christmas concert.

Patricia Plumley returns as conductor. This summer, she gained experience leading Zoom virtual choirs through her Let’s Keep Singing program, which brought together members of seven choirs from across the Island and the Lower Mainland.

“I started out as a big skeptic and now I’m quite a fan of how it can bring us together and anything we can do,” Plumley said. “Even though it’s different from what we might do, it’s still extremely useful for our choral experiences. “

She said that one of the distinct advantages of lead backing vocals over Zoom is the emphasis on individual vocals and how that will help when singers finally return to in-person performances.

“What was great was that they could hear their own voices and work on their own voices a lot easier than you can in a choral setting,” she said. “So I really [think it’s going to] be positive. When we get back together, we will be enhanced individual singers.

Plumley said some of his Island and Lower Mainland choir singers are meeting for the first time. Likewise, the online edition of Noteworthy Kids will be open to young people regardless of their physical location.

“I have friends and choir members on the mainland who have said before that they have grandchildren who they think would be great. [for] this, ”Plumley said.

She said her experience with online choirs has made it clear that in the face of a global pandemic, people always want to find a way to come together to make music.

“Everyone wants to sing,” Plumley said. “Everyone wants to use their voice and the disappointment that we can’t do it together doesn’t mean we can’t find a way to connect with each other. “

For more information and to register for Noteworthy Kids, Click here.

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